Getting Some Tail

Will stumbles into his bathroom to find an uninvited guest. However, there is something different about Scarlett – she’s a fucking mermaid (soon to be literal). Astonished, Will questions the ditzy creature who has just climbed out of his bathtub. Scarlett explains she wants to be a human, and to do that, she needs a human’s semen. Will has to take a work call, but Scarlett won’t let him off the hook so easily. She gets down on her mermaid knees (do fish women have knees?) and sucks Will’s cock while he’s on the phone. This might be the best blowjob he’s ever had, and he can hardly focus. Scarlett is transforming before his very eyes, and now she has a pussy for him to fuck – and he does! Scarlett is having the most fun she’s ever had, and Will is enjoying himself even more. The two fuck until Will gives Scarlett the massive load she’s been longing for, and now she can finally be part of his world.