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ExCoGi – Avery



A first look can be deceiving, especially when it comes to our 22 year old recent college grad, Avery. She majored in psychology and with her glasses, you might think she’s one of those nerdy types, but when the clothes come off, her hot model looks let you know she was born for porn. It doesn’t hurt that she has a bad girl reputation either. Avery has friends in the adult biz, so she thought she should give it a try, and TC was just the one to show her how it’s done. In fact he likes her so much he’s already trying to set up a threesome, something our Avery has fantasized about but never done. First time lesbian? Yes, please!

One thing she and TC have in common is liking sex in public, so much so that a blow job turns into a full fledged car fuck. At 5’1″ and 97 pounds, you could say she is petite, but she takes TC’s cock like the good little submissive she is and lights right up when he takes charge. Her small size has advantages though and we get to see TC with a new position lifting her up and driving hard and deep into her tiny pussy. And who can blame him? Avery is truly a beauty and you can’t look at her and not want to fuck, which is what TC does over and over. She’s also an excellent cock sucker and you can see how much she enjoys it when she finishes TC off. What she wasn’t prepared for was his explosive cum shot that covered up her pretty face. We like it though, it’s a good look for her. Aloha!

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Added on: August 29, 2020